OEM Controls Certified Product Repairs

Our Certified Product Repair Program features 5-10 business day turnaround (not including delivery time), and provides the same technical expertise, certified personnel and original specified parts used in the assembly of our joysticks and electronic controllers. Please review our CPR Program Policy (see below) before proceeding.

The online Product Return form requests information about your controller(s), customer contact and a credit card number. Prices include minor repairs, inspection and testing, replacing cosmetic parts (above panel), damaged or worn micro-switches, potentiometers, return springs, and cams. Return shipping costs (UPS Ground only) are also included.

OEM Controls Certified Product Repair Program Policy

The following is the only authorized and certified repair program of OEM Controls, Inc. products in the United States, Canada and South America.

The Certified Product Repair program by OEM Controls, Inc. offers the same dependable and quality workmanship given to every new product that is shipped from our facility. The same certified and trained personnel that built the original products are repairing the controllers.

A repaired product is defined, per ANSI A92.6, as „the act of restoring to good condition that which has been broken, damaged, or worn due to use, abuse or other reasons. OEM Controls has taken that one step further. Utilizing originally specified parts and components ensures the same quality that goes into the manufacturing of new controllers is used in the repair of the returned controllers. OEM Controls will label each controller with its proper part number and a suffix of -CR to designate it as a Certified Repair. There will also be a Quality Assurance Final Test serial number and date placed on each controller.


1. Parts to be returned for repair must obtain a return authorization number. This can be obtained one or a combination of three ways:

i. The form requests billing and shipping addresses, payment method and itemized list of the parts being returned. It also includes standard pricing for the different types of controllers offered by OEM Controls. Fill this form out completely, submit it and within a half hour you will be contacted with your authorization number.

ii. Phone in the request to the Product Support direct line, (203) 929-8431×340 or 1-(800) 350-7605. The friendly Product Support Administrator will take your information and advise of the return authorization number.

iii. Business hours are 7:30am to 5pm (EST), Monday thru Thursday and 7:30am to 11:30am (EST) Fridays.

2. Upon receiving the return authorization number, place it on all corresponding paperwork and on the outside of the shipping container. This will ensure quick response to the returned product.

3. OEM Controls requires a purchase order or credit card number with all returns before the units can be received into the repair process. If receiving a number over the phone, the customer must supply a hard copy of the purchase order by fax or with the returned units. If a PO# is not received, the returned product will be returned to its originating destination, freight collect.

4. If a unit is deemed irreparable, the Product Support Administrator will advise the status of the returned unit, if a replacement controller is in stock and its single piece price.

Standard repair turn-around time is 5-10 business days from the date of receipt. This time frame will be assumed if no specific requirement is advised via written notice.

Standard freight service used on repairs is UPS GROUND. The cost of freight is included in the pricing table given on the return order fax form and the On-line Product Return form. If a specific freight service is not given via written notice, OEM Controls will assume UPS GROUND. NOTE – If units are shipped via UPS RED service to OEM Controls, they will NOT automatically be returned unless specified by written notice. If a specific service is required, the charges incurred with that service would be added to the invoice.

Repair pricing is stated on the fax form and the On-line Product Return form. Pricing includes parts, labor and return shipment costs for UPS Ground delivery. Parts to be repaired or replaced include but not limited to boots, caps, RG handle halves, contacts, potentiometers, mounting hardware. Note the adder charge for the replacement of an UFO electronic driver board. This will automatically be added and charged if it is necessary to complete the repair.

If there is a requirement for 1 day turnaround of a repair, OEM Controls offers RUSH BREAKDOWN 24-48 HOUR service. There is an additional charge from the list repair costs of $100.00 per unit for this service. The return shipment costs of UPS RED are included in these charges.

There is a 1 year limited warranty for every repaired controller. As part of OEM Controls, Inc. Condition of Quotation and Sale, the Warranty and Return Policy is stated and printed on all order acknowledgements, invoices, return order fax form and the On-line Product Return form. A copy is attached to this document.

Certified Product Repair Program Pricing

 Mechanical Only Repair Electronic & Mechanical Repairs
Single Axis Controllers (MS, PLP & RS Type)$150$275
Dual Axis Controllers (JS type)$200$350
JS3 3-Axis Controller $500$600
JS8 Controller $300$450
FP2 Controllers (Unidirectional or Bi-directional)$200$350
Electronic Boards
(SB, DM, SF)$300
(MRC, PFO)$500
(EA Boards) Ex: ES1234AB$135
(Relay Cards)$175
Optimizer (OPTZ) $180
Rush-Breakdown (24 hour turnaround)
Items Above Only!!!
$100 per unit
Note: For electronics board if no problem is detected $95.00 testing and diagnostic charge will apply.
Note: For electronics boards which need software upgraded $175 charge will apply.

NOTE: Shipping and Handling are included in all listed charges.
For electronic boards, if no problem is detected, a $95 diagnostic testing charge will apply.
Not all controllers are repairable. It is the sole responsibility of OEM Controls, Inc. to make that determination. If a product is irreparable, the customer will be notified.

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