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OEM Controls offers more than joystick controllers. Our wide range custom designed and manufactured industrial and off-highway products span a diverse variety of industries and applications.

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STW5 Steering Wheel


  • Factory programmable output: proportional within 0-10V, 4-20mA, ratio metric, or absolute configuration
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection on board
  • Mechanical Life: > 1 million cycles

SW12 Thumbwheel


  • Contact Ratings: 5A 250 VAC or 2A 30 VDC
  • Push Buttons: SPST
  • Rocker Switch: SPTST N.O. (Maintained or momentary)

DRI-62 Drum Rotation Indicator System


  • Unparalleled durability and reliability
  • Provides operator control feedback with a direct indication of hoisting drum movement
  • Offers unique “fine” and “coarse” thumping rate select-ability

Anti-Tie Down


  • Provides voltage spike protection that promotes longer life of the enable contact
  • Eliminates operator’s ability to “tie-down” the contact or lever
  • For mobile equipment and in-plant industrial machinery

Bluetooth® – Track, Capture, Deliver


  • Can be installed on any and all off-highway equipment regardless of how the equipment is powered – or not powered
  • Offered in numerous capture methods via vibration, ignition, magneto, pump, and many more
  • Collect crucial information such as utilization and location
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