Multi-Axis Joystick Controllers

OEM’s multi axis joystick controllers compact design and rugged construction allow for high levels of operations. The flexible model of these controllers allows us to manufacture the product to meet your specifications. While these controllers are small is size and offers limited options, their construction is similar to our larger controllers and remain built to last.

  • JS2 and JS3 Multi Axis Joystick Controllers
    JS2 and JS3 Multi Axis Controllers
  • HJS9 Dual Axis Joystick Controller
    HJS9 Dual Axis Controller
  • HJS8 Dual Axis Joystick Controller
    HJS8 Dual Axis Controller
  • HJS20 Dual Axis Joystick Micro-Controller
    HJS20 Dual Axis Micro-Controller
  • JS1 and JS4 Multi Axis Joystick Controllers
    JS1 and JS4 Multi Axis Controllers
  • JS10 Dual Axis Micro-Controller
    JS10 Micro-Controller
  • JS5 Multi Axis Joystick Controller
    JS5 Multi Axis Controller
  • JS6 Multi Axis Joystick Controller
    JS6 Multi Axis Controller
  • HJS7 Multi Axis Joystick Controller
    HJS7 Multi-Axis Joystick Controller
  • HJS24 Multi Axis Joystick Controller
    HJS24 Multi Axis Controller