Electronic Module

Our electronic module are designed to pair with a wide range of our controllers, handles, and foot pedals for universal acceptance.

  • OCI1 Input Master Module
    OCI1 Input Master Module
  • OCO1 Output Module
    OCO1 Output Module
  • Custom CanBus Modules
    Custom CanBus Modules
  • PWM
    Dual Value Driver Board
  • dri62
    VDM10/15/20 Valve Driver Module
  • UFO9 Driver Board
    UFO9 Driver Board
  • OCM, OCMZ and TCM Valve Controllers
    OCM, OCMZ and TCM Valve Controllers
  • OCO1 Output Module
    OCI2 Input Module
  • VDM40 Valve Driver Module
    VDM 40 Valve Driver Module