COMPANY: Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Keith Simons – President Controls Division | S. Brian Simons – Founder | Sam Simons – President Data Delivery Division

S. Brian Simons started OEM Controls over 50 years ago. He built the company from the ground up and endured numerous location changes and the typical trial and error that all businesses face. As the business grew he needed a few extra hands to help in the running of the daily functions. S. Brian Simons brought on his sons to help take on the responsibilities of running a successful industrial controller design company. Keith Simons stepped into the business in the role of President of Controls Products heading all things controller oriented. Sam Simons headed the Data Delivery department as President of that area of the company.

Keith’s division focuses on creating controllers, foot pedals, panel systems, handles, electronic modules, and specialty products that can be found inside operating industrial equipment. Industries in which our products can be found in include but are not limited to; aerial work platform, agriculture, marine, turf care, logging, airport, material handling, utility, emergency, mining, waste removal, railroad, paving, and cranes.

Sam’s division involves custom and wireless data delivery and management systems from the off-highway industry.  The products created in this area of OEM Controls helps to improve ROI, optimize performance, track fuel consumption and equipment travel, and determine service status. These products allow you to know everything regarding your equipment and employees with ease and simplicity.

Together, all three Simons have created a family-based environment for their staff and customers. They work together to provide products and services that exceed expectations and that continuously improve through new product designs.

Keith Simons

President – Controls Division